Wilmington’s New Website Features Refreshed Branding

New Wilmington Website

During the first half of the 2014/15 financial year, Wilmington successfully evolved its business to a knowledge-based model; the company reorganised into four divisions, each representing one of its four core knowledge areas. As Chairman Mark Asplin reported at the half-year, this structure “will maximise Wilmington’s opportunities in helping its clients meet their information, education and networking requirements.”

Supporting the company’s new vision involves more than just structural changes – it has to incorporate every customer-facing aspect of the business. As Chief Executive Pedro Ros says: “We have to keep the customer at the centre of everything we do.”

The result? A name change – the company dropped the “Group” to become simply Wilmington plc – plus refreshed corporate branding that embodies the new divisional structure. The company’s new face draws on a revised colour scheme that portrays each division as one segment of a spectrum of expertise.

Name Change and Refreshed Branding Inspired New Website

Wilmington’s new name and branding has inspired a redesigned website, one that is destined to serve as a unified portal for Wilmington clients, wherever they are located. The presence of a single digital hub, serving clients from each of the company’s divisions, is directly in keeping with the new, unified branding and emphasises Wilmington’s strengths as an integrated business.

Under the umbrella of a new corporate video, the “What We Do” section of the new site emphasises Wilmington’s core capability: turning knowledge into advantage. Each of the four divisions – Risk & Compliance, Finance, Legal and Insight – utilises the common channels of Information, Education and Networking to impart that knowledge.

Showcasing Wilmington’s depth of talent and combined expertise is no easy task. Clients needing the very best in knowledge-based services have the option to review individual company strengths without leaving the main Wilmington site; seamless links to companies’ dedicated websites make following up client interest that little bit easier.

Although it’s early days, there’s little doubt that the new Wilmington website is set to become a resource centre of choice for clients around the globe. Why not pay a visit by clicking here?