New Social-Media Initiative at Wilmington Promotes Employee Engagement

SmarpShare Screenshot

At a time when too many companies still ignore the power of social media, Wilmington is showing its commitment to the benefits of social networking – both to the individual and to the company. In a move that opens the door to increased employee engagement, the company is rolling out SmarpShare, a leading online advocacy platform designed to encourage content sharing on social media.

Leading the implementation team is Jen Guy, Client and Business Development Director, with the support of internal admins, located in different Wilmington companies. Jen explained the thinking behind the initiative:

“In a connected world, social media plays a huge role in helping companies do business. SmarpShare makes it easy for people to raise their personal profile across their social networks, helping them achieve their personal business objectives. That can only benefit everyone involved – the individual employee, the company and our clients.”

A Ready Stream of Fresh, Relevant Content

The admin team uploads selected content to the online hub, pre-approved for sharing by people across Wilmington; there’s a good mix of business-related articles that address many of Wilmington’s key client sectors, together with a variety of professional content. Additionally, individual users suggest content that they believe should be available to a wider audience; this ensures a ready stream of fresh, relevant content for their social connections.

In a demonstration of its support for the project, Wilmington is making a charitable donation to be split between four nominated charities; users “earn” credits for their activities on SmarpShare which they can donate to the charity of their choice.

The project has been a great success; since launch, active users have shared various types of content. These shares reached an audience of more than 2 million connections, attracting nearly 5,000 unique visitors to the content. An additional benefit has been the massively increased level of internal communication arising from the shared information – people are learning more about what goes on in other parts of Wilmington, increasing the opportunity for collaboration.

Confirming his personal involvement in the initiative, Chief Technical Officer Chris Jelley said:

“I believe passionately in the power of social media, and I’m delighted that so many colleagues are taking an active part in this initiative. By raising their profiles across their social networks they make it easier to achieve personal objectives, which is a good outcome both for their businesses and for their clients.”