A Lively, Successful Event: International Compliance Association 7th Annual Conference Report

ICA Conference Report

It’s no surprise that the International Compliance Association’s Annual Conference is one of the compliance sector’s most eagerly anticipated events. Every year, we see increasing global awareness of the risks arising from non-compliance and inadequate safeguards against fraud; the ICA conference brings together compliance professionals from all walks of life with a common objective – to share best practices in compliance and to learn from the experiences of other delegates.

Held in London during March, the 2015 Annual Conference featured speakers and topics that reflected the event’s title, “Looking Through the Compliance Kaleidoscope.” A strong speaker line-up and a “compelling” programme underscored the ICA’s intention to leave no critical topic unexplored. With Helen Hatton, Managing Director of Sator Regulatory Consulting, in the chair, the combination of a diverse agenda and a panel of hugely experienced speakers gave delegates a glimpse into the changing patterns of the risk landscape and the influences shaping regulatory compliance in 2015.

Bill Howarth, ICA Chief Executive, commented, “The event, now in its seventh year, addressed key topics in regulatory and financial crime compliance. It provided a fantastic opportunity for attendees to be kept up to date on strategies and trends in these areas, as well as acting as a platform for lively debate.”

Meeting the Daily Challenge of Managing Risk

The huge diversity of compliance-related crime, coupled with a constantly evolving suite of internationally applicable regulations, ensures that the challenge of managing risk increases on an almost daily basis. Hatton, in her opening remarks, emphasised the importance of peer-group contact: “Compliance can be a very isolated role in an organisation; a vitally important part of this event is the opportunity to network with other professionals, sharing our experiences and promoting best practice across industry sectors.”

Howarth agrees: “The conference brought together ICA members and delegates from more than 10 overseas jurisdictions, including the United States, the Bahamas, Mauritius, Cyprus, Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. They were able to network with their UK counterparts, sharing best practices and discussing current ‘hot topics’. Lively debate and informative comment ensued.”

In the evening, many delegates also attended the ICA Award Ceremony, where new graduands received diplomas and professional certifications.

In 2015, the focus of the regulatory and financial crime compliance professional covers as wide a spectrum as ever, with no signs of that scope narrowing. “The general consensus,” says Howarth, “was that the conference was lively, invigorating, informational and of real practical value.”

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