Wilmington Corporate: A Great Reception for Capital Markets Day



Capital Markets Day

Communicating with external stakeholders plays a vital role in creating and retaining confidence in any company and the Wilmington plc Capital Markets Day (CMD), which took place on 7 July 2015 in central London, was well received by analysts, shareholders and potential investors.

As well as presenting a snapshot of the business, CMD also reinforces the key elements of Wilmington’s strategy and demonstrates progress against its published objectives. It was a very successful day, with presentations from CEO Pedro Ros, CFO Tony Foye and Divisional Directors Andrea Ward, Mark Solon, Richard Adams and Bill Howarth.

Ros reminded guests about the journey Wilmington has taken since the full review of the business, starting in September last year. He revisited the company’s new strategy and its ambitions, and invited the other speakers to complete the picture.

Foye explained the thinking behind the recent acquisition of U.S.-based Financial Research Associates LLC. He was followed by the four Divisional Directors, each of whom talked about prospects for their respective divisions.

Reaction to the day was excellent. Wilmington’s share price responded favourably to the FRA announcement, and the message from guests was equally positive. Readers wishing to download the presentations in pdf format can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.